Thursday, February 28, 2008


on wednesday i went to


the concert starts at 8pm...
n my class starts at 9 am on wed
had ninja turtle's class 1st
den suppose to hav french but it was canceled
den suppose to have fb later but cancel also
n my next class was at 2
den had malaysian studies at 4
class habis at 5 plus
n wen i came down...
i was so so emo
i was thinkin y of all days
it has to be on the day of bsb's concert

the rain was rely rely rely heavy
n the wind was so so strong
den i followed kc's car to park in pyramid
was stuck in the jam for a while
den wen reach pyramid
the rain stopped
n i was so so relieved

den we wen sunway lagoon around 7
n the queue was so so so so so long
so we waited n waited n waited

(waitin in the super hot car park)

(kc's 1st concert..damn emo face coz got lots of ppl)

(dis was only quarter of the queue)

den wen the gates was open
every1 move slightly forward
den a grp started runnin to cut queue
n kc say faster come
n he ran
n i quickly grab him n ran super fast
my jeans almost tertanggal
wth man

thank God we did lo
coz im sure i cant c wan if im so far bhind
den wen we go in i taught kc the way to move in front
but unfortunately...
every1 if front of me was like hippos, pigs, dinosaurs, elephants
dey r super huge

den got dis babi indonesian boy...
he so terencat man
every1 at the bak was pushin like mad
of course i will lose my balance n ter push him rite
i mean u expect me to with stand the huge amount of ppl pushin ar
im not a wall ok
im just a tiny size girl
den he glared at me
n i ignored
den he started leanin on me
macam bodoh punya badak
den i move to the side
n he lost his balance n almost felled
damn malu man

den wen bsb came out around 8.45....
omg things was so crazy
i rely thot i will die inside
push push n push like mad





( i love dis pic..eventho its far but i love it)

(super huge crowd)

here some videos i recorded
its kinda shaky coz ppl was pushin me n cant rely hear dem sing
n im short rite
so i took my tripod n adjust my cam thr
n lift it up to record




den dey sang backstreet's back say goodbye n thx n left
den dey came bak n sing shape of my heart

(singing the last song SHAPE OF MY HEART)

the concert was AWESOME, FANTASTIC and PERFECT
minus the pushin crowd la
summore got dis guy
he's as big as a hippo
n he ask me not to push him
i wana ask him "just compare our i look i am capable to push u"
but i din la
i just say im not..ppl at the bak is pushin
sum ppls hav no brains

den the same hippo was quite tall
so his shoulder was at my neck
n the guy next to me hands was on my neck also
n i cant breathe
n den the guard saw me n kept askin me " r u ok..r u ok"
den i say "i tink im dyin"
but he cant do anythin to help me also
but it was nice 4 him to ask
den after a while
those babis move a bit

concert ended around 10.15
by dat tym
i was so so happy, tired, thirsty, out of voice
i love bsb since i was 5 yrs old
so dis concert means so so much to me
dis is by far the best concert i ever attended
the other one will be simple plan's concert

i was suprise i still can sing along
i still member the lyrics
im was a hapy happy happy girl dat nite
i love love love bsb

n dey were still so good at dancin
so cute n charming
i love it wen dey sang SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY
dey all sat at a square table
play cards n had glass of "wine" on the table
dey weren't lookin at us wen dey sang
n it was still so great
omg...i love dem so so so so so much

(after tired...but...)

( i was rely rely happy)

(n he rely enjoyed himself)

( merci beacoup for comin..hope u will come again)


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

damn long i din blog bout the story of my life
damn lazy.. i semangat coz im freakin emo n pist off

today has been a long long emo day
thr is a few good moments tho
i will start it wit the good 1st
i had my LAST SERVICE today
damn happy
don need to find guest anymore

dis service was my fav among all the services i did since term 2
i did ok in everything
but dats the oni good moment in my day
neway thank u mabel, arnold, ayuni n sem for bein my guest

durin the clean up after service was damn funny
every1 was makin lots of noise
singin old mc'donalds
den jun kit started singin ice ice baby
super damn funny
n lots of things broke yday
so damn funny also
every now n then u can hear sumthin breakin

neway..thr will b lots n lots of cursin for the upcomin stories
i seldom curse wan
i do la..i use SHIT a lot
but not any words that are more vulgar den dat
now im gonna stop bein a good girl...for the moment at least

neway i slept at 2 plus
den woke up at 4 to watch Real Madrid
n i was rely damn bloody sleepy through the game
n in the 2nd half...
robben scored a goal...
n more than half of the Real players wen n celebrate
n the bitchy referee disallowed the goal
but real players din noe..dey were still celebratin

so getafe attack la
n the field just had iker, guti n 2 other player oni
how the bloody shit to outrun the attack la
den wen dey almost reach iker..the real players realize the goal was disallow n the game was goin on...
but the bitchy ref din even bitching inform the real players
bloody asshole..
so by the time real players got bak into the game
getafe scored edi
bagus la..good ass job ref
babi hutan yg terencat

c his bloody face also feel like bitch slap him
feel like throwin fire crackers at him n burn him
if oni i can flambe him
i will mandi him in rum n flambe him kao kao
useless piece of bitching wood

but den Real players started to pist ppl of like mad
u r losin
n ur lead will b cut down
so it is so bloody obvious dat u hav to work wit ur team rite
but dis bloody asshole players..............
just wana hav self glory
cant pass the bloody ball izzit
ur teammate is in a better position to score
but u just wan the ball to urself
damn bloody sell fish
babi gila

if dis 2 players pass the ball or cross the ball
den i tink real would hav salvage a draw
but dis ppl.......
bitchy betul
could c PRECIOUS ANGEL was bloody pist off as well

neway i hope that bitchy hippo ref would pay his price
mayb he could lose his job
get death treats
get bitch slap
get fire cracker-ed on
bitch yg tak guna

n u must b thinkin y i so damn emo n upset over a game rite
i dunno y i just am
i mean dis is their 3rd straight lost
n the 4th defeat in the last 5 games
damn emo

they were 7 points ahead
den 9 points
den 11 points
den suddenly 5 points
n now 2 points
wth wth wth
damn bloody shittin pist, emo n sad

to me Real players are humble
dey still humble wen they r 11 points ahead
unlike some players from some club
so arrogant n all
but dey still get lucky in games
n they hav referees favourin dem
damn pissin off
if oni i can referee a real madrid's game

im gonna stop bitching bout bitches
damn hungry now..after all those bitching
wana cook maggi
wana eat while watchin gilmore girls
the show that can make me laugh
au revoir

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

get well soon IKER CASILLAS

my precious precious angel is still injured
his left pinky is still hurtin =(
but he's still playin n tahan-nin the pain
so kesian....
damn sakit hati

now he's orderin a special 4 finger glove so his pinky can b slip into the fourth finger compartment to reduce the risk of hurtin the injury more
so he will b a 4 fingers glove
my poor poor precious....
hope he gets well soon.....

( i heart u so so much <3 )

please get well soon IKER CASILLAS

-i love him-

Saturday, February 16, 2008

wen to marco's pizza that day for keng mei and wei loong's gathering dinner
dey r leavin bak to melbourne n new zealand respectively
wed's class was 9-6
was super tired wen i came bak 4m coll
rest a lil while den head off to marco's

(wit matthew and ash)

(wit matthew)

(super yummy spaghetti carbonara)

(wei loong and aku)

(wit ash)

(wit ash n keng mei)

(jenna n wei wei)

(look at matthew's

(us and jenna's finger)

(all of us)

on V-day class was from 9-3.30
1st class was sudipta's
super duper extremely totally borin and sleepy
so kc n n i started singin high pitch emo songs to ourselves
kc's singin was damn funny
i was awake after that

later in the nite
i wen to shabu shabu @ puchong wit sayangs john n wes
i was playin n cookin more than eatin

(my ABC soup)

(jamie's super spicy soup)

(bump into them in the resto)

(ccc-doin the jamie's pose)

(ate so so much)

(they were playin 007-so so funny)

(my precious angel n raul signin a life time deal wot real madrid)

(im so in <3 wit him)

-amber aime iker-