Thursday, January 31, 2008

kc's bday was on wednesday
our 1st class for that day was ninja turtle's
den we had french n hav to do some conversation crap...

( i was suprise i could finish it in the class =p )

( finish essay started to cam whore)

( dat is jr's hand...comin n kacau n "8")

( while waitin for pat daya to come)

after that i wen pyramid wit sayangs
wen n eat lunch n buy stuffs
wen bak around 3 plus for malaysian studies
damn sien
while the lecturer crap bout some grandpapa scenarios n stories
pau n me started to conteng jamie's book..
n we gossip bout "ma kai" n "kai ma"
lol..its an inside joke

(jamie's so called note book)

(our work to try to tempt jamie to pd to bbq marshmallows)


( so close..........)

( so close, marshmallow & twinkle twinkle in pd)

candid shots of kc...the bday boy

(after a while..her book was fill wit our contengan)


Finally grandpapa stories habis
den we head to pyramid..again..this tym to celebrate kc's bday in tgif
we reached thr..collect the cake
den i walk walk wit renelle
n bought a racin remote control toy car for my nephew's up comin bday
den we head to tgif.....

( 2nd tgif visit in a week for me)

(food tasted like cacat shit)

n we talk, laugh, talk, laugh
kept on laughin non stop
esp at adrian
n fifi n mabel arguin

the food in pyramid's tgif taste like crap
i ate quarter the burger
n i cant eat nemore
so i took off the bread
n eat bout half the meat
n quarter of the fries
dats bout it
the food seriously not nice

n the cam whorin started (actually dis was b4 the food came)

( poser-nya)

( i love dis pic of dem)

( the moment it came..he gulp it all down)


i wonder wat is wrong wit u on dat day
but it was super super funny

(here we are again <3 )



( woot woot)


(pauline sayang)



ur 20.....
im wat?? 19
don b so emo n depress coz ur the 1st to turn 20
my ah yeh....


( rasberry cheese cake)

wen we r eatin the cake
our dear bday boy just hav to mashed up the cheese
n put tabasco+pepper+salt+ice lemon tea into the cheese
den he deglaze it
n he ate it
every1 losed their appetite straight away
fifi ran to the toilet
n thanks to kc....
every1 din finish their cake
every1 nearly puke

n i wonder did kc bump into the police
n ask him wats ur flavor tell me wats ur flavor
or did he wind down his window n puke...
hope u enjoy ur bday kc
don be emo k.....
ur 20 now....
must act mature...

-j'aime mes amis-

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

yet another tiring monday...

its monday
n every single monday im super tired coz of my late class
i did do my menu research on sat nite/sun mornin
i did till 5 plus in the mornin
woke up at 12 on sunday
den continue menu at 3 till 5 plus

den i slept around 12 plus am
woke at 3 plus am..almost 4 am to watch REAL MADRID
i noe im crazy
but i need to see Iker..hehe
damn emo coz of the game
im happy coz real won 3-2
n barca drew so real is 9 points clear
but emo coz Iker Casillas' record of 574 minute without concedin a goal is gone
damn emo..
he's been keeping clean sheets for the past 6 matches
wen the ball wen in i could c Iker was rely rely sad n disappointed
but at least Real won

den real finish at 6
wen bak to sleep
woke up around 8
wen to coll at 9
wen to french class 1st
den lunch
n some babi girl smoke some dunno wat cigarettes
so freakin smelly
i lost my appetite n feel like pukin

i was like dis the whole tym in apply tech class
cough cough till wana vomit
head pening like the scene 4m cloverfield where the cam guy runs
den durin practical class also
i skipped dinner coz still no appetite
n i bloody broke a coffee cup
n mr.tb still can

service was...eerrmm
1st-my hand was shakin wen mr.b suddenly appear at the side of me wen i wan makin the steak sc..
2nd-i 4ot to carve the banana..luckily gordon reminded me..hehe
3rd-finger kinda burn durin flambe
n mr.b talk endlessly
class finally ended at 10.45
super tired

so sick n tired of service and late nite classes
sick n tired of dem
cant wait to leave
some ppl just tink dey r the boss
bossing around as if dey r so great
so so rude
parents din ajar izzit....
have u ever heard or learn wat n how to use "excuse me" or "sorry"

sigh..don care la
not worth complicatin life for some unworthy ppl
neway "we" need the no8 so so badly

2moro off day :p
so so sleepy now
gonna sleep...


Saturday, January 26, 2008

rewind back to thursday....
i overslept
so ter-skip sudipta's class
his class at 9..
den my alarm rang at 7 plus
but i off n ter sleep bak
n woke up at 10 plus

had hrm class at 2pm
so super boring
while the mr.elan was in his usual grandpa story bout wat great things he had done
i was super

i took a pic of kirsten

(damn cun gaya)

and then i switch shoes wit adrian.....

(adrian's kitchen shoes..super huge)

(my heels..but he cant fit)

after shockin sendiri..i listen bak to the lecture
n den he started wit another version of grandpa stories

(so i started conteng-ing the table)

(take 1-too blur)

(take 2-not satisfied)

so i made it darker.....

(better a bit but adrian says too i darken it again)

(n the outcome after 5-6 shadings)


(i didnt do the tick tock thingy)

(jamie was like..."omg..amber")

(so call takin notes but mr.elan has too much grandpapa stories so no notes)

after class..rush bak home
coz goin the curve to meet up wit another bunch of high skul peeps
met up wit dem around 6
den decided to go tgif....


(clockwise 4m left- mei)

(keng mei.amber.ashleigh)

( cam whorin outside big apple)

we left around 9 plus coz sasee gotta go edi
dats bout wat i did on thurs

den on fri....
my class was at 3
n jamie wanted me to come early so can hang out in pyramid
pauline and jamie class ended at 10
so i reached coll around 11 plus
dey waited 4 me
thanks for the (baby, i will wait for u)

den reach pyramid..we walk walk
tryin to decide wat to eat
den we decided to let john decide wen he comes later
den jamie suggested kim gary's
so wen thr
talk talk
add some special spices into jamie's dessert
n den wen's
got a free donut 4m john's fren
den wen bak to coll

had b.f.j.a class
it was ok
quite funny
not coz of her tho...
den fin class at 6
den watch american idol
n laughed till i cried

on sat...
i wen n cut my hair in ss2
n now im gonna continue my menu research
actually i was tryin to do dat since i came online...
but den
i did my iker's research 1st
den bloggin
n now i will do the research
2moro my cuzzies 4m australia comin over
wit my lil super cute nephew

-amber aime iker casillas-