Tuesday, April 29, 2008


hahaha...finally..i get to edit...
mangkuk babi blogspot....
have to copy n paste everything
but at least my iker's post is nice edi

now can tido nicely

shit blogspot

I dunno wth is wrong with my Iker post font
all so damn cacated
i edit it but dunno y its still in bold...sigh

spoil my precious post

I HEART him so so much


i love.love.love.love.love him
j'aime IKER CASILLAS beacoup

i watch Real Madrid at 3am dis mornin
dey were playin athletic bilbao in Bernabue
n Saviola scored for Real 1st

den my PreciousIker made a super flyin save
he jump to his left n save the shot on his left hand top corner post
so so so so so so CUTE....

sigh sigh
den den.....Heinze fouled a maggi hair guy n bilbao got a penalty
oh wait...b4 dat
PreciousIker made another save...
ok now bak to the penalty
dat maggi hair guy dived..mangkuk sial
but den....

IKER CASILLAS = Real Madrid's miracle man = my PreciousPrecious Iker

saved the penalty
i wanted to shout....but
sure kena screw wan coz so so early ma...huhuuuu
so i scream in my heart...lol

but his save was so cun
he dived to his right
but the ball was goin a bit in the middle
so he lift his left hand n block the ball
n the ball flew up and wen out

my PreciousIker is the best keeper in Spain, La Liga, the World....
n he got man of the match

ok..in snappin out of IkerLand
neway Robben n Higuain came on n scored a goal each
n PreciousIker made 2 more stops
so so comel...
woots woots.....

ok...u guys must be bored with all my Iker Iker Iker blabbing
in college also u must dengar
n my blog also u must baca...

PreciousAngel penalty save...

I love him

je t'aime

j'aime Iker...

I heart him

J'aime Iker Casillas beacoup

the special special precious in my heart
i dunno y i love him so much
i noe i cant meet him
he doesn't noe me
i won't get to know him

but who cares
i L.O.V.E Iker Casillas

i noe im crazy
my parents thinks so too...lol
wen i saw the news bout the match today
i keep laughin to myself
n my mum ask me

"are u crazy?"
"omg...u r"
"but it's my precious"
*shakes head* "but u saw the match edi"
"but it's my precious"

ok im off to IkerLand
nitey nite peeps....


Sunday, April 27, 2008


Finally I'm blogging again
Sorry for the late late updates (esp to those who was waiting for the pics)
anywayz...i've been either busy with assigments or i was too lazy to do all dis

actually im so call multi taskin now
im doin my dumb dumb management assignment and bloggin now

ok..so bak to wat happen in my life

jeng jeng jeng......


Those who went....

Pauline-the bday girl

Mabel-the other birthday girl

Actually their bdays are not on dat day...
we just love gettin together to celebrate bdays eventho dey are belated wans
neway...bak to guest list

Wes Wes

Wan Li



Jamie-the super duper late comer


imaginary pic of fifi


imaginary pic of me

Jamie made the reservation at 7...
n she say meet at pau's hse at 6.15
but she wen n bought pressies and den lost her way bak home
so she turn up at 9 pm +
but we r used to it..lol

anyways we did a lot of catching up and gossipin
coz mabel, wes wes and jamie is no longer in coll
so we need to update them on the berita terkini
n kc is in a diff grp edi
so we hav diff stories

so we ate, gossip, ate, gossip, ate, gossip
and of course.....
cam whorin....
woots woots

we stayed thr quite long and look at the mess we made...

i pity the workers...have to layan ppl like us..lol

the super duper yucky and smelly oyster
i smell it n almost puke
luckily i didn't eat it
poor pauline and mabel
they ate it and pauline lost her appetite

us girlies

us girlies again


n den we took out the cake at 10.15 pm
n shogun closes at at 10.30
but we din rely care..
coz we are the customers
n we have the rights....

Chocolate mudpie cake with powerpuffs on it

Happy happy birthday Pauline and Mabel

with wes wes who is leavin to singapore on the 28th....sigh

fifi and mabel...lol

in the washroom

b4 leavin....

the food in shogun was so-so
not to say very nice

after dinner...
sayangs and i wen yum cha wit the guys
played some dumb dumb game
n the guys did some funny+retarded magic

SCARLET, THE CURVE- 19.04.2008

WT came and pick me up with wall and pau
left my hse around 11...


in the car park

dis guy can really cam-whore

got the vip area in scarlet
it was upstairs
n its nice coz can escape the huge crowd
n can check ppl out 4m upstairs
there was a grp dat fought and we could c the bouncer tryin to carry the guy out..lol

see what i mean

wall and me

ckw and pauline

mangkuk wz


lolx....no comment

this monkey trying to show off...
dat is two diff bottle...
don't be fool by him

the pics below are dedicated to JamieSayang

with CL

wit WT- the emo-er of the night

most of dem was stonnin
and a few left early
n we left quite early too
so we hang out and cam whored a bit outside the club

wall-he stole heart shape stickers 4m the glass window

pauline sayang

the guys

Cl doin our pose

the heart wall peeled off

after we wen yum-cha in ming tien
i love the super comfy vios that WT drives

i miss miss clubbin
didn't go for so so long
i didn't went at all for the whole term 6
i was being a good girl..hehe

super sober pau-drank 1 glass + a few sips 4m ppl's glass only


we didn't take that many pics (some pics is wit john)
i dunno y
spend most of the time
cookin + eatin + gossiping

it took so long for me to pose for this pic coz i cant stop laughin...

mabel did it too
suppose to b a walrus...lol

after that wes wes wanted to watch horror movie in pyramid
shit shit shit
i hate n afraid of that
but wes wes is the watak utama of the nite
so have to folo him

watch a midnight movie...worst still
the cinema was full
unless we buy the couples seats
n we did
n the sittin order was

strangers. mabel and pau. me and jamie. wes and john
the ghost was ugly man
n i got shock at 1 part n i scream in the cinema..wth
pau cant stop laughin
but wen dey show the ghost
pau, jam n myself will close our eyes
it was seriously ugly..lol

overall the movie was bodoh
it wasn't scary..it was super ugly
n the ghost is freakin stupid
pau say the ghost look n act tipsy

oh ya..the movie is a japanese movie call slit mouth woman
i don wana post the poster here
i don wana recall bak the image of her
u can go google image her if u wan la
but don say i din warn u

good luck in everything weslly
we will miss you

Phew...finally i post everything....