Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Over...!!!

jeng jeng jenggggggggggggggg
trainin finishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........
it's all over and done
damn happy

neway i was in Shang ri La on Fri for some event on fri
saw Avril Lavigne twice
then keep seeing her band
they keep hanging out in the lobby....

Fri had to work at 7.30am
left hse damn early
got back around 6.45
mandi n all den cao to pyramid for his bday
bought pressie n wen to Bar Celona
i was damn tired and sleepy by den
n den millions of people came
n not enough bottles to brin every1 in
so many tra la las happenin
waited outside of Bar Celona for 1 1/2 hrs

and finally got to go in
got the vip room
it was a super borin nite
n i was damn tired n sleepy
dance a bit ni

here are the pichas from Mystique and Scarlet...
wen thr 2 weeks b4 trainin ended...i tink....

with CL

Sayang and WZ

PauPau Sayang

the lan ci pose


we got bored of Mystique so we wen to Scarlet
our all time favo

part of the group

CL and Wall


CL and Pauline Sayang

WZ and Pauline Sayang


look at the

tired and out..hehe

i agree when she says
"just can't help it"

Dear Jamie,
how are you now??
so many tra la la happened....
wish u were here to talk to Pauline, Mabel and me
dramas, confusion and dilemmas...
i miss u
take care k and try to be back for Christmas

-i miss iker-
-why is it so hard-

Thursday, August 21, 2008

anxiously waiting for next friday...!!!

yay yay...
next fri is the last day of moi training
can't wait....

den i can sleep late
wake up late
can see moi beloveds

i'm goin PD tomorrow for some shit event
and ya...u-know-who is going too...
damn sad...
i'll be coming back on sunday...

oh ya
just thought of some pissing off stuff
Spain played Denmark this morning
papers showed that astro isn't showing the game
and i checked the guide to double confirm
and they aren't showing
damn sad coz can't see Iker

so this morning
after i woke up and washed up
i did my usual thing by watching eurosportsnews
BLOODY HELL ASTRO LA.......!!!!!!!
the 1st thing i saw when i press 811 was....
shit ness babi sial
it was already the 75th minute....
damn bloody pist off

so i waited for the cam to go to the goal post so i can see whether Iker is playing or not
but then so ngam, Spain was doing a substitution
and guess who was coming off??
it's IKER.....
shit shit shit
on tv and he come off
damn pist off lo..
that means he played for 75 min and I missed it

but come to think of it...
If I were to get up 30 sec - 1 min later than i did means I won't get to see Iker at all
but still....
damn pist off

i know most of my recent post are all negatives...
so i will try to post happier post next time k

oh ya,
last fri i wen to mystique and scarlet with Pauline Sayang and the guys
when ipoh the next day
when funfair at night
damn hyper
will upload pichas soonish

ciao bellas


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

boo-hooo day...!!!





damn babi sial
sang jo lou lou bark at people
babi female dog

not to say all my fault also
people 1st time doing all dis
of course do slower and got mistakes one right
you have so many experience of course you can do better and faster

tahulah--u damn proud
give u a round of applause
and standing ovation la
u can go be proud of yourself and pat ur head...
eermmm...i mean wag your tail

damn miserable day la
think i will die soon
wanna go find where can 'ta siew yan'
ta until rosak+hancur the patung
i noe i damn mean
but that person doesnt deserve any symphaties

*take deep breathe*
*count to 20*

ok..enough of bitching around bout bitches for now
btw, i saw him.....!!!
didn't see him since EURO 08 finals

he is so so so CUTE...
he got thinner, tanner and cuter
and he wore baby blue it <3
never realize how much I miss Real Madrid and Iker

when FD (Female dog) was barking..
my mind just go back to this morning (2.25 am) when I was watching Iker
and den not so marah edi......


Friday, August 8, 2008

same old thing

im bored...again
i've been youtube-ing since...10 am
n its now 11
its the end of week 5....
3 more to go....

Iker is not in Colombia
he didn't travel
coz he isn't fit enough
De La Red, Ramos and Metzelder didn't travel also
Canna and Sneijder injured so didn't travel also

gosh-ness..i think i sound like a CD on repeat
every post i seem to be talkin bout
-my bored-ness in training
-how many weeks down and how many to go
-Iker and Real Madrid
-complain bout pathetic people
but what to do...
im getting old and lifeless...

i seem to be doing the same thing every weekday
only difference is the day...

my mon-fri routine is
6.15 am- wake up and wash up
6.30 am- watch eurosports news
6.45 am- stone or sleep back
7.15 am- change and get ready
7.45 am- go to work
8.40 am- reach work
9 am - 5.30 pm- stone, online or do whatever work there is to do
(sumtimes i balik 6-7 pm coz they love to give work last minute)
7.00 pm - mandi
(that is if i make it back in time)
7.30 pm- watch sportscenter
(that is if i make it back in time)
8.00 pm- watch America's Next Top Model
9.00 pm- read newspaper, stone, gossip with bro, watch Tom and Jerry (either one la)
9.30 pm-watch Chinese drama
10.3o pm- watch tv, read book or sleep (depends on my mood)

and the repeat from step 1 for the next day
never felt so lifeless b4
the last time was this time last year
was having my training during that time too

oh ya im currently addicted to coffee
i don't know how that happen
i never once or never was a coffee person
drink till sore throat edi
damn good...

im bored...bored...BOREDDDDDDDDD.....!!!

-i miss him muchos-

Monday, August 4, 2008

the most babi-est person...

damn bitchy.....

act so great and tell me that u expect me to do this this this
but you yourself???
tell me you know what you ask me to do or not
babi..ownself also didn't do...n u dare to tell me that u expect me to do so
go to hell la....

and you ask me make sure i do this this this
but you yourself??
didn't do it and then make a mistake
then when I tell you bout your mistake
you can ask me that bloody ques
if I don't tell you, worst right
somemore can sound people
shit shit shit uuuuuuuuuu
its ur own bloody mistake la....
treat people bloody rudely

*breathe in*
*count to ten and CALM DOWN*

Saturday, August 2, 2008

updates terkini...!!!

later got Real Madrid's game
against Hamburg in an Emirates Cup hosted by Arsenal
n yes...
my precious is in England now
damn kesian him and the team...
they keep flying here and there...
don't think Iker will play though
he is not fully fit
and Mr.Coach wants the Euros internationals to rest+train more

i think Iker, Ramos, Metzelder and De La Red paling kesian
dey just flew to Austria on Saturday
the rest of the team was there since 21st of july
but those 4 had extra break 4m Euros
and the team flew to England yesterday
n back to Madrid on Monday
off to Colombia on Wednesday
back to Madrid on Friday
and to Germany on Monday (11 aug 08)
back to Madrid again on Wed
poor thing
dunno why the club's pre season's game make the whole team fly here and there
damn kesian

im going to KLIA tomorrow
this time is not to send someone off
this time is to pick the big bro up
wonder if we will argue like b4
that boy went to Perth for studies in 2007
n yes..i haven't seen him for around 1 1/2 yrs

n that mangkuk's flight is landing at 10+ pm
dat means i will tido late tommorrow
n must work on monday...

neway i have completed 4 weeks of training now
i have 4 more weeks to go....
hope it passes faster than the 1st 4

anyway im currently kinda addicted to a song call My Love Will Get You Home
it's sang by a lady name Christine Glass

ciao bellas
Real's game starting soon...........
but shit-ness....
Iker not playing
haven't seen him since Euros

-missing him-