Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I M.I.S.S.......

i miss college

i miss waffles

i miss mcflurry

i miss clubbing

i miss gossiping

i miss camwhorin with the lovers and sayangs

i miss karaoke

i miss our 'lepakin' sessions

i miss arguing with fifi

i miss going out with the sayangs and darlings

i miss the love ones (u noe who u r)

i miss Iker......


Saturday, July 26, 2008

3 down, 5 to go

3 weeks down
5 weeks to go

its getting suckier n suckier
a few people like shit
don't know what is call manners
haven't heard of the word "thank you" and "please"
i pity ur parents

talk to people like a dog
shit u la

neway my working time is 9-5.30
and these people will give me work at 5 or 5 plus
yday was the bijak one
it was 5.35 and i was zipping up my bag to cao
and dey ask me to do work

sit there whole day don't wanna ask
wanna go bak baru ask
can't wait it to be over

oh ya Ashleigh tagged me
i still haven't chose the ppl yet
so i'll do it later

-i miss him so much-

Bar Club and KLIA

i know dis is a super outdated pichas
but better late than never rite...

well dis is bar club
it's for John n Jamie's farewell
place was so so
songs was ok-la

with Johnnie boy

Pauline Sayang

my lovers

Jamie Sayang

besties since forever....

our last signature pose...for now

with CL...

we heart her

moi sayangs

this are the pichas for you
sorry for the super late post
training-ing now
super lazy.....
stupid babi training...

and the day after, we were off to KLIA to send Jamie and John
damn emo...


missing you...

b4 John went off

take care both of you

that's all folks

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm sleepy................
currently 3/4 way to completing a proposal for Ho Chi Minh
but damn sleepy
so now blogging to try to stay awake...

anyway i was asked to find out how long does it take to travel from this certain place to another in Ho Chi Minh...
how the hell am i suppose to know right
I don't have a single experience in dealing with all this
I've never been to that place also.
damn bijak la

oh ya
my office is actually quite near a few 'happening' places
just now during lunch
jalan jalan quite far to makan
and i saw Ruums, Modestos and bla bla bla
i didn't know that my office was so close to all these places
but not to say i can go also rite
so no use being so hyper and shock sendiri...

I hope 7 weeks quickly past.....
cant wait for training to be over
i know la..i damn lazy..i admit k
good thing is week 2 is endin...soon
so left 6 weeks to go after this week...

and right......
when my training habis on the 29th August
the next day is the start of the Spanish League
damn good
can see my Iker Sayang
hahaha..got fate with him la
damn happy...

damn long didnt see him
my meaning by seeing him is see him on the tv LIVE
so no point if u tell me i have the internet to his pichas
youtube to see his videos...
and all the tra la las....

he wants to take extra leave from the club
he suppose to return on the.......eeemmm...oh ya 21st july
but he wants about a week more of break
coz his holidays started later coz of euros
so he will be returning to the team on either 26th or 27th
and they are meeting in......VIENNA
haha...the unforgettable place

ok ok..enough Iker talk....

quickly 5.30
so i can balik......

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Boring...can die...!!!

Im so so so so so extremely totally bored...
im currently @ my training place now
on the edge of dying coz of boredom

im done with my assignments
i was given the thing on fri
i finished it yesterday afternoon
i edited it
repaired it
i really don't know what to do now.....

the person in charge of trainees in on leave
so im left with nothing to do
the rest of them like don't what to give or teach me
so i've been onlining since yday afternoon
online till bored edi
maybe i should just rant, rant and rant bout my life
and how much i hate LRT
actually im kinda use to the waiting
but the people are the ones i can't stand
i think they are either brainless or blind
the train bloody pack edi...
they still wana cramp in
shit them la...

dahla im so short
everyone is like towering me
i can't breathe..can die
i was actually sick for the whole 1st week of training
sick to the point where my voice was like a frog
i was being a good girl...i still go for training...
damn proud konon...

im bored...bored...bored
strare at the com the whole time
eyes also rosak
power also higher
damn good....

oh ya oh ya
Iker Casillas is one of the favo to win the Ballon d'Or this year
Ballon d'Or is the prize for footballer of the year
i hope he wins it
the whole Madrid and Mostoles is behind him
even Beckham is rooting for him
i will be so happy if he wins it

this is a time where im semangat to blog bout Bar Club
but...unfortunately all my pichas is in my lappie back at home
don't think i can bring a pendrive to the office
so cant do..
wonder when i will do it
since the time i balik
i will be too damn lazy to do

but no studying is kinda bored also
i've been reading back my old old story books
but not to say i will study if college was on also
you will only see me studying when assessments or exams are around the corner
but i have assignments to keep my hands off the books that time

crap till don't know what to crap
what a sad life that im living...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Still Living...!!!

Hey peeps
don't worry
i'm still ALIVE....

i know i've been M.I.A for quite sometime
and its all coz.....
i started my trainin....

im doin my training in an event mgnt company call ICEM
started on Monday
so been really lazy and tired to do my blog

i hate training.....
the work is ok
the people are nice
travelling there is like shit

coz of the dumb LRT
bloody pack every single time
once i waited bout the 6th train oni i can board onto it
the 1st 5 was freakin pack

summore all the ppl pushin
n dey smell weird
damn sad la
i take bout 1 hr to travel to my work place
n bout 1 1/2 to come bak
all my tired-ness is coz of traveling
not working

neway just wanna let u peeps noe dat im still alive
lazy wanna blog now
tata for now

see i'm still alive =p

Saturday, July 5, 2008

After Exam Party, Genting & Fifi's Farewell

finally im blogging bout my life
i noe i've been talking bout
Iker Casillas, football and Euros a lot lately
but now the euros are over
so i wont talk so much bout Iker and football nemore
i won't promise that i won't though
ok here it is...


it was after our last paper that we plan to watch euros and drink
went to the guy's hse around 10 plus...
wen we (Terence @ Daddy, Pauline and me) reached thr
Dinesh just woke up
Za still sleeping
Fifi went back to his house
Nick is in Langkawi

so we watch a bit of telly
den drink
den played chor tai di

father and daughter

daddy and me

our booze..but we didn't drink all

with Pauline sayang

after that we wen to mamak to ta pao some food
before the game starts...
btw..it was the quarters of Turkey vs Croatia game

hehe =)

gay-ish terence

so we makan makan
watch the game
it was damn boring
and Za finally bangun

dis is Za

den my mum bising
so had to balik during half time
but it was fun to hang out n have fun
was damn stress coz of finals

GENTING TRIP - 23.06.2008 - 24.06.2008

i wen to genting after the Spain Vs Italy quarter finals
was too happy to sleep after the game
so hyper-ing myself till bout 8am
den wen to KL Sentral to meet up with them
was suppose to meet b4 9.30
bloody LRT pack like shit
reached there bout 9.20
1st person to look for-
wen i reached there
Fifi and KC was edi thr
and then Mabel came

the others was still stuck in KTM
Jamie's train delayed
so many drama
and it was just the start of the trip

dis trip is actually for
Fifi coz he is flying to France for trainin
and for
Jamie, who is flyin to Australia for studies

neway i was damn tired in the bus
but cant sleep
coz too bumpy
and of course still hyper coz of Spain and Iker

cant member wat time we reached
we sat the cable car up....

terence.pauline.din din.moi

reached there edi we try to check in
and our number was 300++
and they will only start calling the numbers at 12pm
and it was bout 11am den
so we wen n makan
den wen to the lobby at 12
and guess what the board was showin??

damn good
our 300++ will be called around 2 plus
so we dump our bags in the locker
and we r off to theme park

pirate ship..i laughed till stomach ache while sittin dis..i dunno y i find it funny

but Dinesh's face was as white as a paper
at least acoording to Terence la

going for a ghost ride with KC

above.from left- Kc.me.Mabel.Pauline.Din Din.Jk
down.from left - Fifi.Terence.Constance.Zoe

with Mabel and Pauline

with Fifi boy

lining up for space shot

Din2, Pau Pau, Moi

den suddenly the rain came pouring down

shit man
quite heavy summore
bloody hell
all the rides closed
damn emo man

so we went back to the hotel to wait for our number
it was bout 200+ when we came back
stone at the lobby

the haven sleep face


with Zoe and Za

with Constance

den a magician came
and showed us some trick
quite interesting
and when he done with his show
the number was 300 already
so waited a lil while more and we r off to our rooms

had 3 rooms
1st room- Jamie, Pauline, Mabel and me
2nd room- Terence, Nick, Za
3rd room- Kc and Fifi

rested a lil while in the room
den wen to jalan jalan in first world to get Fifi's bday pressie and cake
walk and walk and walk
finally got him a converse polo T and a B.U.M wallet

then wen n buy the cake
the guy was so rude
-don't have a cake base
-don't have a whole cake box
-don't have candles
and he gave us a wrong order
shit him man
so we bought a few slices to form a cake
so few diff cake flavour

anyway..we wen bak to the room
woke the guys up
arrange the cake
we use a drawer as the base
and den wen and woke the guys up again

dis is the cake in the drawer with matches as the candle

birthday boy was sleeping wen we wen in to his room

he got shock with his sleepy face wen we came in and sang Happy Birthday

but he was touched...

take that boy

he seem happy with his new baju

and his new wallet

couple of the trip- Edmund and Nick

zombie look

with Joe Joe

the guys helped to finish it off

den we wen back to our room

watch some chinese drama
den Mabel lowered the volume and
that woman and I started to translate the dialogue by ourselves
we read the malay subtitles and try to translate in cantonese
with sound effects and all
it was damn fun and funny

den we mandi mandi
and got ready for dinner
and we are off to mamak for dinner

the lovers

the darlings

den we wen and walk walk in maze garden
cam-whored there

on the bridge


with Fifi boi and Zoe


and den the guys wanted to go back to start the game+booze
and Fifi piggied back me up the hill

wen we wen back
we played a bit of the translating game again
den off to the guy's room for some games+booze

let the games begin

Mabel..she keep getting the standing card..poor

Fifi drinkin..u sinned boy

we escaped the 1st few rounds..remember these faces

and den i got a few shots

and my face was getting red edi

hyper kids

poor Pauline
she's damn bloody tipsy

hyper hyper

tipsy red apples

den dis boy kept laughing and laughing till.....

he fell off the bed

this girl was gone after this shot

the poor girl went back to the room and tido
so we continued.....
i kena quite a lot
shot after shot after shot

i was halfway to Vienna by now (inside joke)

compare dis pic with the starting one..haha

with Constance

we were making so much noise

and i heard from te guys that a security warned us
but i didn't even realize

wen bak to the room around 2 plus
Dinesh was in the room to jaga Pauline
and den Za came in
and den Terence came
and we talked crap
den Terence wen bak to his room
and we started singing like a few retarted person

sang belaian jiwa and all kinds of song
and Za keep singing
wakey wakey
mummy's making pancake
with nutella

den he switch to waffle
and he suddenly wanna go A&W and Carl's Jr
and I wana go to Vienna

finally slept off around 5
i didn't sleep coz it was freakin cramp up
2 single beds
and 6 ppl was on it
supposing-ly is four but the guys came n kacau

and bout 8 plus i cant stand edi
too hard to sleep
so i woke up and mandi
den soon every1 bangun
pack and den wen makan
came bak pack again and den check out

and den we stoned in starbucks
all the emo faces around
coz too tired + sleepy
i still haven sleep since Saturday morning

the stonner-est among us...Fifi jaga pintu at the back...

Jamie telling me bout her Aust plan..sad...

dis girl still semangat

our bus was at 4 plus

so sat the cable car down...
had our own karaoke session...again

sang songs from

98 degrees
and all the emo-ness was gone
was hyper edi

too bad guys.....

Fifi acting cute..macam muka kucing

why do u have to go??

when for monkey watch while waiting for the bus
reached home bout 6 plus
1 hr plus of LRT ride
freakin tired
finally got my precious sleep at 6 plus
but mum bising around 7 and ask me to eat dinner
so false myself to
and sleep again at 9 plus
it was one hell of a funny/fun/rushing and super tired trip

actually we took 300+ pichas
but i cant post all
it will take forever


met up at pyramid around 11 plus
den wen and makan in sushi groove
food was quite yummy


the guys

den we went and watch Wanted
quite a nice show
den we went red box

too hyper edi

stonning..don't dare to sing with the mic

sang damn a lot of songs
screamed at certain ones
damn bising but it was fun and funny...
esp wen we sang Wannabe

the champion was Mabel..she was damn good la

den wen and makan dinner before we ciao

wen n bought Jamie's and John's farewell pressie
and i got home around 9 plus....
another tiring day
but cant sleep
coz got Spain's semis later
so i tahan till den
so susah to tahan
i kept jumping to stay awake
ya i know
damn stupid rite

so dats it for now
i will post bout bar club and the sending off in my next post
took freaking long to do this post
coz blogspot babi
can only upload 5 pics at 1 go..

oh ya..my Iker Casillas is in Peru now
doing some charity for orphanage
he is damn good
i miss him so much already

nite peeps...