Monday, September 29, 2008

Tralala @ RedBox and My 20th Birthday @ Italiannies - 22.09.2008

went to redbox with moi sayangs and WesWes
KC and Fifi boi couldn't join us
didn't have KC to sing BSB with us
and Fifi was too cool to sing with us

we sang mostly emo songs
sang till voice cacat

PauPau Sayang singing her heart out

WesWes choosing songs

PauPau's solo act

and then we decided to sing Wannabe

and we start jumping on the chair...damn hyper

happy kids


still damn happy

moi sayangs

with WesWes

and we started singing emo songs

can see all the emo faces

duet with Mabel

WesWes full of emotion

took a break from emo songs....

singing some weird song..WesWes' choice

everyone emo-ing

after bout 3 hours plus of tralala-ing
we were off to Italiannies
and poor Pauline....
the person couldn't find her reservation
cause her name was stated as Pan Lin

meet up with KC and Fifi there

Fifi's super spicy jeng jeng jeng pasta

moi chicken spaghetti

Pauline's lasagna and Mabel's salad

WesWes had salmon sumthing sumthing cabonara
Kc had fillet mignon sumthin sumthin
everyone kongsi makan till pregnant

Mabel Sayang

our very own air steward

Fifi malu...ceh

Fifi and his curly French hair

yums yums


after makan makan

we talk talk
and suddenly...
jeng jeng jeng
the Italiannies people came to our table with a cake

moi friends was the people behind it
got bullied by those Italiannies people
damn malu k

must stand on the chair
and sing 2 songs
I sang some kiddies song with a whole new ah hak lyrics

and they took the cake away from me

can't seem to put the fire off
so i took a straw and try

and I manage to put it off

me, moi cake and Fifi's pressie from Francais

moi yummy cake

3 girlies had solo shots with WesWes

moi sayangs

us with Fifi boi and his gaya pose

love my friends to bits
thanks for the birthday dinner
lots of XOXO

-only someone was missing...hmmm-

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 20th Birthday @ Zen - 17.09.2008

Daddy Terence and Sayang brought me to Zen for moi 20th birthday
Daddy belanja-ed us
the food was yummy
except for some weird fish

Daddy Terence works there
but it was his off day that day
so he intro us on what to eat
but it was difficult since Sayang and I don't eat quite a number of things...

u should know her by now

Daddy Terence

scallop in mayo and i don't know what

weird fishy

yummy foods


more yummy foods

cam-whore time

promoter 1

promoter 2

daddy Terence

taking a break

moi birthday ice-cream

20 years of living..huhuu

make a wish and blow

we ordered bout 10 dishes all together
couldn't finish it though
but food was yummy