Sunday, August 9, 2009

it ain't getting any easier

I had abandoned my blog for a pretty long time

I'm currently really really busy with college

started college on the 27th
did French placement test on the 1st day
since my French is half dead
my grammar and spelling was all cacated
but I was placed in the Advanced French class

was really stress trying to decide whether to change to Intermediate
or should I just stay
1st week of college was horrible
chaos everywhere
being thrown here and there
and 4th day into coll, I fell sick
it was horrible

anyway, i promise i will update this blog soonish
i have tons of pics yet to be uploaded here
but for's back to assignments

just in case you forgot how i look like

-falling slowly-

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Redang-Day 1, Part 1

Finally, I manage to upload the pictures
Anyway, this is a super long ago post
so sorry for the wait...

we started our 7 hours bus journey to Terengganu at 11pm (30062009)
it was a double decker bus
we got the upper deck
and it wasn't that comfortable

fifi boy

Renew sayang

we had a hard time sleeping in the bus

cause the seats was not spacious
and some people kept yapping away
and when i tried to sleep
the bus driver stopped for a toilet break

went back to the bus and tried to sleep again
after bout almost 2 hours
I almost fell asleep
and the bus driver decided to have a 30 min break
I don't know where we were that time though

got too bored outside so we went back to the bus
to cam whore-what else

that's Teck Waye
and Jenny

Alex and Janice

and then the journey continued
all the way to Terengganu bus stop
I managed to sleep a while

and I swear that every public toilet we go there
they will ask for money
i don't mind paying 20 cents
but the toilet was so so yucky and dirty
and dark
damn gross

anyway, we reached KT bus stop around 5+
almost 6
and the bus to the jetty doesn't arrive until 9
so we were send to this house by Pelangi Hotel people

we spend our time by making stupid lame jokes
laughed laughed and laughed
and the next thing we know was...
the bus was here...finally

the journey to the jetty was almost 1 hour
all of us fell into deep sleep in this bus
I wonder why

we waited for quite some time in the jetty
the speed boat finally came at 11..i think

the ride was quite nice
the boat driver made it extra bumpy and all
and i was at the back of the boat
so it was damn cunted

after 30 min ride on the boat
we reached our paradise

while waiting for the briefing

which Fifi don't understand
cause it was converse in Mandarin
and i understand bout....20% of it
I'm a sad Chinese..I know

after having Kiver translate the briefing to us
we headed to our room...
we had 3 rooms altogether

room 1- alex, fifi and me
room 2- renelle and kiver...AHEMMMM
room 3- teck waye, jenny and janice

my bed

1st thing I did when we reached the room
threw all my stuff on the huge bed
and declared it was

we quickly changed
and i put on my tanning oil and we headed to the beach

that's our

check out the beach a bit bit

I wanted to suntan
but Fifi and the rest was hungry
so I went for lunch with them

went back to the room to touch up on my tanning oil
and Fifi decided to join me in the tanning session

tanned ourselves for bout an hour

and we headed off for our own snorkeling
I need the guys to teach me how to snorkel
cause I don't know how to swim
and I'm scared of deep water

after practicing and preparing myself for what to expect
we joined the hotel divers and other people for snorkeling
it was pretty damn scary for me
I'm super afraid of deep water
so whenever I look down
I will freak out
and the fishes were nibbling me when i feed them

after bout 2 hours out in the sea
we headed back to the beach
and it's playtime..woots

we played, we laughed, we cam whored
and then, we bumped into PY and Eddie

After that, we went back to the room to shower

and get ready for dinner

That's Ah Boon
a guy we made friends with over there

Stay tune for more Redang updates....

Monday, July 20, 2009


stupid blogspot

i don't know what the hell is wrong with it
I can't upload my pictures..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokia 6600 Slide

I was requested by a few people to do a little review on my cell
I have it for almost 3 weeks now
so far it's still good

it's pretty tiny compared to my previous Nokia 7610

this phone has the usual thing a phone has
Video calls
all the usual things basically

the downside of this phone is..
the speaker is at the bottom of the phone's back
you can see it in the top pic
the back of the phone
at the bottom
the tiny little turquoise thing
that's the speaker
so if i put my phone facing upwards
i can't really hear when it rings

so normally i will put my phone with the back facing upwards
and if i place it in my bag or my pants/jeans
i will normally put it in a pouch
and the pouch will cover most of the sound
still able to hear when it rings though
just a pretty soft volume

other than that,
i heart my phone
i upgraded my memory card to 4gb
so i can upload damn a lot of songs in it

the guy from the store installed like hundreds of songs for me
and damn a lot of games too
so i've been busy exploring my phone
the battery last me bout 3-4 days
i think it will be longer
if i text lesser
listen to music lesser
take pictures lesser
and play games lesser...

that's bout what i have to say bout this phone
its good for now
we'll see how it goes after a while