Monday, July 13, 2009

Nokia 6600 Slide

I was requested by a few people to do a little review on my cell
I have it for almost 3 weeks now
so far it's still good

it's pretty tiny compared to my previous Nokia 7610

this phone has the usual thing a phone has
Video calls
all the usual things basically

the downside of this phone is..
the speaker is at the bottom of the phone's back
you can see it in the top pic
the back of the phone
at the bottom
the tiny little turquoise thing
that's the speaker
so if i put my phone facing upwards
i can't really hear when it rings

so normally i will put my phone with the back facing upwards
and if i place it in my bag or my pants/jeans
i will normally put it in a pouch
and the pouch will cover most of the sound
still able to hear when it rings though
just a pretty soft volume

other than that,
i heart my phone
i upgraded my memory card to 4gb
so i can upload damn a lot of songs in it

the guy from the store installed like hundreds of songs for me
and damn a lot of games too
so i've been busy exploring my phone
the battery last me bout 3-4 days
i think it will be longer
if i text lesser
listen to music lesser
take pictures lesser
and play games lesser...

that's bout what i have to say bout this phone
its good for now
we'll see how it goes after a while

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