Monday, May 25, 2009


My horoscope for today

Go over the details again and again until you really feel as if you know what your next move is going to be and why. Then on the big day, be sure to communicate your thoughts clearly.

Très Bien

The chapter that I never complete

I was walking straight
all the way straight without looking back
I stumble unto things that tempt me to turn back
but I still decided to go on with my journey

It was all good
I was happy and
There it was
At the back of me
Catching up so close that I can feel it breathing down my neck
It's my past
my unresolved dramas
and here I was, thinking that I'm well ahead of it

I tried fighting, I tried running
but something inside me failed me
And here I am
questioning myself
coming up with more questions than answers
coming up with all the What Ifs and If Only(s)
not realizing that
no matter how much What Ifs and If Only(s) I think of

I still won't get the answer cause I did not do what I wanted to in the past

I thought I was strong and I can finally close that chapter
But I was wrong
Is it cause I keep telling myself that I'm on the right track?
Is it cause I close a part inside of me so I wont walk backwards?
and if I do that countless time I will finally believe that I'm on the right track
and I'm lying to myself cause I'm afraid of the truth?

I will never know unless I put on my brave face
pull up my courage
and face it, deal with it
whatever the outcome might be
good or bad
happy or sad

Should I close the chapter I told myself that it was history?
Or should I recreate back a new history?
I should now close my eyes and get some sleep.

I'm lost in the sea of thoughts

Saturday, May 23, 2009

American Idol 8




Winning the

American Idol 2009

The best Kris Allen's songs for me is

Falling Slowly
She Works Hard For The Money

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


appy 28th Birthday my precious.....!!!

Hope you'll have a more fantastic career
one that will be more amazing than the amazing-ness that you are having right now

I will always & forever love him
always had, always did, always will.....


i know this is your best moment

and you grew up to be such a cutie

that got me so excited whenever i see him

and you're one hell of a generous man

I remember that he was only 21 when I 1st saw him
the age I'm suppose to be soon

Have a wonderful & fantastic birthday Iker!!!

-to him I'm invisible but to me he's all that I can see-

Friday, May 15, 2009

Still breathing

I know I have been MIA again
and i shouldn't be since I'm currently
unemployed and i have no classes to attend
i really need to get my bum out of the chair to start finding a part time

anyway, the reason for being MIA is because...
I was in Ipoh for the whole of last week
the trip was quite nice actually...
except for some things..

I came back on Sunday
and my internet decided to pass away on tues
it came back alive on thurs though
so that explains why I was MIA

and I'm super sleepy now
have a full day of shopping and cam whoring tomorrow...or later is more precise
gonna zzzzzz...

pls don't give up on me just yet...

-now it's too late for you and your white horse-