Saturday, May 31, 2008

dramas + rumours + me

i just got back from pyramid
wen wit pauline, dinesh and jeremy
watch a horror movie
a movie call "someone's watching you"
freakin yucky gross movie

summore our seats so close to the screen
got shocked wen we sat down less den 5 minutes
(we entered the cinema a bit late so it started edi wen we masuk)
was talkin happily to pau n suddenly

i jump up...
squirm down my chair
cover my eyes

dats practically wat i did durin the movie
squirm down the chair
close eyes
talk to pau
cover my ears

i hate horror movies
i watched it cause of dinesh la
dat mangkuk

was suppose to go funfair wit pauline, dinesh n mr.vinesh 2day
but tak jadi
n ya..i was actually plannin to go to a funfair wit a lecturer

n oh ya
if i go out wit a guy alone
it DOES NOT mean dat he is my bf
DON'T assume he is
DON'T think he is
DON'T ask me if he is
cause its NOT ok....

omg cant stand dis ppl lo
check on me
den simply assume

i have tons of guy frens
so if i were to go out alone with each of dem
does that mean all of dem is my bf



-i've been waiting for my dreams to turn into something i could believe in-

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dramas is what i need to spice up my miserable life

currently listenin to : DAVID COOK - The Truth

i wen youtube to watch my IKER CASILLAS dat day
omg..he looked so so so CUTE

n sumthing happen...
i dunno what to do
shit man
my life is such a mess
i need to solve dis ASAP
how the hell i got myself into dat....
stupid me.....

how can i not LOVE such cutie + hottie

currently listenin to - DAVID COOK - Always Be My Baby

anyway...i wana post Time of My Life lyrics here
so i don't have to google it everytime i listen to it


I’ve been waiting for my dreams
To turn into something
I could believe in
and looking for that magic rainbow
On the horizon
I couldn’t see it
Until I let go
Gave in to love
Watched all the bitterness burn
Now I'm coming alive
Body and soul
Feelin’ my world start to turn

And I'll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time
This is the time to be
More than a name or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life…

Holdin’ onto things that
Vanished into the air
Left me in pieces but
Now I'm rising from the ashes
Findin’ my wings and all that I needed
Was there all along
Within my reach
as close as the beat of my heart

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time
This is the time to be
More than a name or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life
Time of my life…

Now I’m out on the edge of forever
Ready to run
Keepin’ my feet on the ground
My arms open wide
Facing the sun

And I’ll taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time
This is the time to be
More than a name or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life…
(My life..)

More than a name or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life…

This is the time of my life…
Time of my life…

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

High School Reunion & Emo Day

High School Reunion @ One World Hotel - 24.05.2008

Ashleigh called me on...i forgot wen..
neway she ask me to come for this reunion
and i say ok cause i feel bad for pushing her all the time
got once i suppose to go klcc with her
but i didn't coz......
i wen scarlet the nite b4 n i couldn't bangun
and once she ask me to go curve
but tak jadi also
i was sick...and i was sleepin wen she called me bout the timin to go and all....
so i make sure i attend dis one lo

neway the buffet dinner was in one world hotel
the food was yucky
i didn't really like it that much
but i love to play with the choc fondue
and it was nice to c some of the high school peeps

Ash Ash darling et moi

Chris and Eu Jin (FIY. dey are real uncle and nephew...chris is the uncle)

me with them

Aku and moi

with Danny

with Sasee

neway we lepak there till 10 plus
den Ashleigh ask me to go Mardi but my mum don't allow
so tak jadi go

Emo Day - 27.05.2008

Emo- Scene 1
had French assessment today
shit assessment was crap lo
tink i will flunk my French dis term
thanks to the lecturer
dunno how she teach
cant und wth she craps

Emo- Scene 2
Pauline : Amber...Amber...Redang cancel.....
Me : What??? Why???
Pauline : No more rooms....

2nd time edi lo
1st time we plan to go in March
but cancel
and now....
bloody emo.....

Emo- Scene 3
Pauline : U noe dat Jamie confirm going?
Me : The college confirm her edi?
Pauline : Ya
Me : Shit...i hate that girl

cant believe ur leavin so fast

emo emo emo emo emo emo
emo emo emo emo emo
emo emo emo emo
emo emo emo
emo emo

i'm so happy that u r accepted but super emo coz ur leavin...

Emo- Scene 4
got back our marketing 1st draft assignment
bloody lecturer
gave us 2/5 only
bloody hell her
we did so much
and not only marks so little
we have 4 drafts and a presentation also
n all of those shit is only 20%
n we failed our 1st one
shit her.....
not to say we did badly also
babi sial.....

Emo- Scene 5
Pauline called me at 10 plus to go yum cha with her and Jamie
but my mum don't allow coz she say its too late to go out
emo la.....................................
summore so long din see Jamie
crap crap crap...........

Emo- Scene 6
i miss miss miss miss miss my IKER CASILLAS
so so so so so so so so long i didn't see him play edi
can't wait for Euros to start
den can see my Precious Angel again
i miss him so much
sigh sigh

so dat was how my emo day wen by
and im so so extremely addicted to David Cook
i have to listen to him every single day
or i can't sleep
i LOVE his voice so much
and today in coll...Pauline and i kept singin
always be my baby and i still haven't found what i'm been lookin for

oh ya speakin bout him
today in law
ms.Bhu was talkin bout our coll dress code
bout how students dress so selamba-ly and all
so she say...
"imagine ur lecturer came in with t-shirt and shorts or jeans and den he didn't shave"
and the 1st thing Pauline and i did was
look at each other and say " DAVID COOK...DAVID COOK"
not only us thot of him
i heard others saying David Cook David Cook also class have lots of DC's fans

and i don't tink i see rainbow anymore
i wan to but i don't anymore
it's gone...........i tink.....
but whatever it is
like what Pauline say

We still haven't found what we've been looking for


-the girl who loves iker casillas so much-

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've lost my appetite
since i started to take the dumb shitty taste cough mixture
i don feel like eatin anymore
i've been takin 2 diff type of cough mixture for a week now
n im still coughin like a retarded person
now i noe wat Pauline mean by no appetite to eat

and i miss my frens
esp Jamie Sayang and Mabel
miss those crappy jokes and all the gossip and stories
n dis mangkuk Jamie is leavin soon
so damn emo....
miss miss dem so so much
so long din see those women

and den it's all happenin again...i tink
i dunno....
i dunno what to do
im so confuse
what should i do??
omg....i dunno
i want but yet i don't want
i do but yet i don't
drama drama n drama
never stop haunting me
after all these yrs

The David Cook's Journey Towards Stardom

here is tons, and tons and TONS of David Cook's pichas
here is how he look like durin audition
then top 24
to top 12
to top 2
and finally
winnin the American Idol


this was how he looked like during audition

he wasn't so cute last time

he looked better during the top 24

before he became so misai-ish

n he misai starts to grow

baby David with adult David

singing my fav- always be my baby

Give back for charity

n he starts to become really misai-ish

i love this david cook face

during his visit back home

damn cute......

singing don't wanna miss a thing..and there is that face again

singing dare you to move..and that face..i LOVE

the AC initial on his guitar is for his sick brother who is having brain cancer..

david now and david then

Here is the pichas during the announcement of results

before they announce

when Ryan called out DAVID........COOK

n he hugs baby David

n he ask the audience to give baby David a round of applause

n he cries.....aaawwwwww

n Ryan congratulate him

he tries to stop cryin

but he failed...he cries summore....

n his mum came up to congratulate him

n he sings the winnin song - Time Of My Life

the American Idol top 12

the American Idol 2008

n the tears is coming out

n he cries again.....aaaawwwww

and finally.....
je te present ur AMERICAN IDOL 7 winner

DAVID ROLAND COOK......................

i LOVE dis pic
he look so CUTE
so so HAPPY dat he won......
i tink he is my favourite-tes american idol EVER....

he is still my no 1....