Saturday, December 27, 2008

emo emo emo

went to Maison with the sayangs and John yday
Maison is no longer how it was before
the club was so damn empty...
and the music sucks
it was ok at 1st
but got worse

and i was having sore throat for a few days di
and went i got back, it felt worse
i can't sleep after i showered
so i watched euro 2008 highlights
i only watch Spain's game though

and the throat was still too painful
and then my nose started flowing
and i started coughing
and i can't breathe
i know i know i always i get sick
i don't even know why

so i didn't sleep the whole night/morning
went and see the doctor
and he say i got my asthma back
so now i have two inhalers
2 nose sprays
and 1 nose drop
tres bien

my camera is being a shit now
i don't know what the hell happen
emo shit k

-finally, i know i deserve better-

Thursday, December 25, 2008




im currently drinking an overly salted salt water
i'm havin sore throat
what a damn sad way to welcome the christmas at 12am

-no happily never after, that just ain't for me-

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Amigos De Iker vs Amigos De Rafa ( Friends of Iker vs Friends of Rafa)

In the second year running
Iker Casillas and Rafael Nadal organized the campaign against malaria
It was held at the Madrid's Palacio de los Deportes.

The campaign consist of three events
- a kart race,
- one-set tennis match
- a soccer match.

Iker's team members included
David Ferrer
Carmen Jordá
Feliciano López
Juan Carlos Ferrero
Santi Cazorla
Sergio Ramos
Alberto Contador
Dani Sordo
Alvaro Bautista
Fernando Alonso
(this was the list they gave, but i didn't see Sergio Ramos in the videos or pics, and I read in Real's website saying that he was injured/sick)

Rafa's team includes
Carlos Moyá
Jorge Lorenzo
Raúl González
Almudena Cid
Carlos Sastre
Marcos Senna
Novak Djokovic
Sergio García
Carlos Sainz
Sete Gibernau
Samuel Eto'o

pre-event launch

moi precious Iker and Rafa

event day

intro of the people

Iker & Rafa

1st up was the kart race

the race was won by Team Iker!!!

2nd was the tennis match

Team Iker winning a point

Iker serving

Fernando Alonso

my fav sportsmen

the tennis match ended up in Team Nadal's side

the final event was the football match

Alonso and Iker

and then...Team Nadal got a penalty
and Etoo from Barca took the penalty
he kicked and it went in
but it must be retaken cause...
I also don't know why
and Iker saved the 2nd attempt

3 days ago..Iker saved Etoo's penalty in the Barca vs Real's match
my Saint Iker is the best
what to do.....

Iker teasing Etoo

Iker givin the

ref a yellow card

the save

Iker playing as a midfielder/ striker

There was a moment where Iker saved Rafa's shot

took the ball
ran, ran and pass 2-3 players and scored
after that, Iker play as a striker/midfielder

Etoo, Lopez, Carzola

Team Iker won the football match
the overall score of the campaign was 2-1 to Team Iker
but whatever the score was
everyone contributed to charity
and everyone had fun

Gracias to everyone
who took part

the heroes




Jamie and John is back from the Aussie land
and since Wed don't have a paper
we went to Pyramid
KC came and join us for a while
we ate, talk, shop, talk, shop, talk

snowman choc

damn cute k

went to Fullhouse @ Damansara after that

got lost while looking for that place
we turned round and round and round
finally found that place

the downstairs interior




Jamie Sayang

Pauline Sayang

the upstairs interior

the uncle


Sayangs (where's Mabel?)

the place is kinda over-rated
but I had tons of fun with these people
heart them a lot....

the poser

-i don't miss you, i miss the person i thought you were-

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happily Never After

"I dont think I want this anymore"
As she drops the ring to the floor
She says to herself "You've left before
This time you will stay gone , thats for sure"

And he shattered something as
She dragged her suitcase down the path
To the driveway
She had never gone that far
Normally this would be
The time that she
Would let him talk her out of leaving
But this time, without crying
As she got into her car
She said

Happily never after
That just aint for me Because finally
I know, I deserve better, after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall

As she drove away she starts to smile
Realized she hadn't for a while
No destination, she drove for miles
Wonderin' why she stayed in such denial

Laughing about the way he shattered something as
She dragged her suitcase down the path
To the driveway
She had never gone that far
Normally this would be
The time that she
Would let him talk her out of leaving
But this time, without crying
As she got into her car
She said

Happily never after
That just aint for me Because finally
I know, I deserve better, after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall

I'm done , I'm done
Said I'm so done
So done, I'm done, I'm done
I'm free, I'm free, I'm free
Free to be me

She inhales an air she'd never breathed before
The air of no drama, no more
She said

Happily never after
That just aint for me Because finally
I know, I deserve better, after all
I'll never let another teardrop fall

..another teardrop fall

a short one




went out with the sayangs and John John on Wed
went to Pyramid and then to Ara Damansara

went Bar Celona yesterday
had tons of fun with the girlies

damn a lot things to post now
- Outing with Sayangs and John John
- Clubbing
- Friends of Iker vs Friends of Rafa

damn lazy though
so stories and pictures next time k

Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 more week....

been so busy these days
once assessments and assignments are all done...
it's finals time

i semangat wanna talk bout what happen during the week...
so last sunday i went to Jake's @ Damansara
for my parents anniversary + my grandpa's bday dinner
i trained in Jake's before
but i was located in the Starhill branch
but i know a few Damansara people also
and a few Starhill people transferred here di..
so manage to did a brief catch up with them that day
all of them say i look different....

mon was a holiday so i stayed home to study
damn rajin right??
and tues i went to 1u straight after college with my cuzzie from australia
then went to dinner in Subang with them
came back around 9 plus
and i haven study for wed's exam
studied rooms mgnt on monday
but haven study fb mgnt
so study that night and end up sleeping at 2 plus

the exam paper was ok
manage to do it...
except for 1 ques........

anyway..i studied HR on thurs
and budgeting on Fri
thanks Renelle for teaching me
slept around on 3 plus on Fri nite coz was revising for Sat's exam
damn pathetic right
who the hell studies on a Fri night?
and who the hell goes for exam on a Sat?

anyway the exam today was ok....
budgeting was so-so
made a mistake in the calculation
so if 1 is wrong means the end amount is wrong too

HR was ok
the 1st ques was short answer
so i did in point form
and then the lecturer say can't do point form
must do essay
so i re-wrote the whole thing again
luckily it was only 1 ques....

having French exam on Mon
Sales on Tues
Finance and Eng on Fri
and then its partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy time...

can't wait for all this to be over...

study study study...

feel so sick at times coz not enough sleep

so must drink lots of milk and water...
i need calcium k

so i can study study and study

-i rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else-

Sunday, December 7, 2008

weekend pleasure

weekends are the best
but must study for finals...sigh
i went back to ipoh this morning for some stuff
left the house around 11.45
it was bloody jammed up

was damn boring in the car...
talked to my dad bout football, Iker....
then i fell asleep
and when i woke up it was still badly jammed...

finally reached ipoh around 3 plus
ate the yummy chee cheong fun...huhuuu
then left ipoh around 5 plus
tidur in the car again....
and i sprain my neck
damn shitty pain now
i can't turn to my right...

2 more days till Jamie Sayang comes back
can't wait to club, gossip and shop with her...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the unreachable end

I'm alive....
almost died but haven't...
college is still as busy and as stress as ever...
im so so so exhausted
went through my planner yesterday
noticed that we've been having at least 1 assessments every single week since Nov
i have damn sad lecturers....

Iker Casillas didn't win the Ballon d'Or
I was damn heartbroken k
Iker came in 4th
1st was C.Ronaldo
den Lionel Messi
and Fernando Torres

I wanted Iker to win it so so badly
it was a once in a lifetime chance for him...
damn sad like shit

and now Man City wants to buy Iker Casillas
they offered Real Madrid 120 million (i tink in pounds) for him
and offered him 12 million a yr contract
Iker and Real rejected it
and now they are offering Real 150 million
and Iker 13 million
and it's almost double of what he earns in Real
and they even say that Iker can chose the length of contract that he wishes to sign
but I'm very sure Iker will reject it
he's always a MADRIDISTA

he super damn loyal k
his contract with Real expires in 2016/17

talking bout him makes me miss him more...
i damn lazy wanna think of what happen during the week
and cerita over here
damn tired now....

my <3

proof that i'm still alive and still can cam-whore