Friday, March 28, 2008

haha..something so bodoh happened
i damn hyper coz finals over and i can't sleep (it's 3 plus am now) ya i noe im exam also sleep late but durin exams i complain coz don't have time to sleep
neway i wen to pau's blog to check out her old old post

den i came across dis pic

dis was like in sep 2007
so weird to c jamie wit long hair
mabel wit her not yet straighten hair
n me wit my longer hair
i miss my long hair
mite leave my current hair to grow long

neway...i save dis pic la
n u noe wat i put it under
im so use to savin IKER'S pic so i straight away type
'Iker Casillas 681'
ya ya..dats the amount of IKER's pic in my folder
dat folder is he alone in the pic
i hav others for him wit his frens
him wit real madrid
him with the spain squad
its OVER...its all O.V.E.R
well for the tym bein la

my finals are finally over
i can finally sleep properly, stay glue to the tv, club, shop and party
gone are the sleepless nites, poundin heart, stress-ness, exhaustion, frustration
my brains feel so light now

durin exams i only sleep 2-3 hrs at nite...max is 4
den afternoon i will sleep around 2 hrs also
so basically i sleep for 4-6 hrs in 24 hrs
n in my sleep i will dream n chant the notes of the exam dat is comin up

durin french i will dream n read the essay in my dream
n for upsellin i keep dreamin also
yday mariachi white keep munculin in my
but its gone...hahahaha

finals and i had parted way
we broke up for the greater good too hyper
but emo also la...

well 1st of all
dis is how my day wen
had my last exam today
it was resto practical
in the excellent package of resto prac..we hav
fruit carvin + upsellin + service

got pamplemousse (grapefruit) for carvin
damn happy coz i din expect it to be easy
luckily n thank GOD i din get pineapple
newayz...we must carve 2 grapefruit in 30 min
so i took my own sweet tym so it will look nice at the end
fin in 20 min

den had upsellin....
i was the 2nd
n my jury was pat daya n ms.rachel 4m pj hilton

ques dey ask was

wat champagne do u have and wat would u recommend to us?
-we hav dis dis dis n i will recommend u moet and chandon

-coz its smoother, foamier...i crap some shit la

ok ok...we will get much iziit?
-eeerrmmmm....( the hell to memorize the price of the whole menu)

its k..u ask ur bartender later
-ok so would u like any starter (ms.rachel close her menu n pat daya hold it to himself)

i was like shit.....hope i can member wat is inside fren here is 4m china..her english not so good...
-( if i can speak chinese..oh so dead) oh wat do u like ma'am?

eerrmmm..i duno
-would u like to try bla bla bla

-(sigh) how bout bla bla bla

-bla bla bla

no..i don feel like havin a starter
-(ok fine) so sir wat would u like

wat vegeterian salad to u hav?
-err....(crackin head to member the menu) how bout wardolf has bla bla bla

ok...i will take that but without cheese
-sure sir

(lady) actually i tink i would like a starter?
-(sigh) would u prefer a soup or salad

-how bout dis dis has dis dis inside

-how bout bla bla bla


(pat daya) y don't u try a asian soup
(lady) ok
-we hav dis dis dis dat contains bla bla bla...would u like it...(actually i duno i crap the ingredients correctly or not)

(lady) ok..i will take dat
-(finally)..would u like a western or asian dish for ur main course?

(pat daya) western
(lady) asian
-ok..y don u try our bla bla bla ma'am

(lady) eermmm wat is dis wat is dat?
-its bla bla bla (hope i crap correctly)

(lady) ok i will try dat bout u sir

i wan a noodle western dish
-how bout our spaghetti, we hav dis dis dis

i wan a creamy wan n i wan another pasta
-ok..i recommend u dis...n we hav dis dis dis

ok..which pasta is better
-i tink its dis dis dis bcoz its dat dat dat

-would u like to order ur dessert now or later?

(lady) now
-would u like a cold or hot dessert

-how bout dis dis dis

-how bout dis dis dis

wat is dat
-bla bla bla

i don und
-(so i spoke slowly n she finally get it)

ok i will get dat
-how bout u sir

pat daya wasn't hard...his order all simple simple

den the lady ask me

do u hav evian sparkling water? (coz i upsell water ma)
-no evian is still..our sparkling is bla bla bla n bla bla bla

ok i will get bla bla bla

n den she tell pat daya (actin ni la)
u noe dat day i wen to a resto n the person serve me an evian sparkling water
oh rely..can evian be sparkling (pat daya ask me) a still water

ok den i repeat order
din get ques bout liqeurs, aperitifs, digestifs or wine
din expect it also
study all those crap like mad
n dey din even ques bout it
sigh sigh

pat daya did ask some other ques here n thr la but i lazy wana type edi
the hardest part was tryin to member wat course got wat dish
n the ingredients n all
crap la

neway service was ok ok
pau, mabel, john n wes was my guest
did some mistakes here n thr
did lamb carvin
n banana carvin n flambe

so glad its all over
last last ever service
don need to find guest

neway bak to the emo thing
pau say wana go lepak after i finish my exam
so i say ok
plan to go movie
but wen i came home...
ask my mum
she say no
n bla bla bla
so emo la now
cant celebrate finals n i broke up

neway results r out tomoro
den rankin will b on sat
*fingers crossed* dat i pass my diploma

pls GOD, let me pass....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

finals are here
i still remember wen the term just started
time just flies

freakin stress...can die
freakin tired...can faint
freakin exhausted...can die and faint
not been havin consistent sleepin + eatin time for the pass few weeks
bcoz of all dat n + the stress-ness..pimples are startin to pop up on my forehead
shit man
so freakin itchy

neway my trials results was disappointin
i pass all the subjects
but my grades and global average dropped compared to all my previous terms
so kinda emo and disappointed wit myself
im rely gonna try my best to do better in finals
wish me luck

-j'aime iker casillas beacoup-

Thursday, March 13, 2008


been super duper busy with trials for the past week
my trials just finish today finals starts next wed
je deteste...

here's the scoop on wat happened for the week

friday, 7 march- studied resto tech while watchin REAL MADRID till 5 plus am

sat, 8 march- resto tech again..studied from 3pm-6pm den cont at 10pm-5am...but in between those time i fell asleep, onlined, eat. walk here n thr..besides resto tech got freakin a lot to study..term 1-6

sun, 9 march- studied sales & marketing, human resources, statictics, accounts..studied the whole day...slept at 5am den woke up at 7am to study again

mon, 10 march- wen coll..hotel management starts at 9-12..da paper has finance, accounts, cost accounting, statistics, sales and hr ques..the paper i hate the most...i could do some but some couldnt esp finance and cost accountin...shit
den had resto tech at 1-3..paper was ok..couldnt do 2 ques tho

den at nite studied for hospitality..research for all kinds of tourism...slept at 4 plus am

tues, 11 march-had hospitality paper at 9-12...i did ok..wrote so so much...hand so painful..and i made some stupid mistake...i wrote quarter of my essay on the wrong paper so had to re-write again..its a long story

den i did my malaysian studies online assessment
but the new shity mouse in the coll is so cacat
dey hav button at the left hand side
n wen u press it ur pg will go either bak or forward
so i ter press it coz it was so sensitive and it was placed at the wrong place
so the thing hanged
n i keep shittin
so i email mr.adrian
and he reactivated my assessment account
den had prof conduct briefing at 3-5

den at nite studied french till 3 plus am

wed, 12 march- my french oral was at 9.15 am..hav to report at 9 am..dat tym my heart was poundin like crap...den it was my turn...wen in to cr 16
my jury was mr.yeoh and ms.avina was thr too

*knocks door*
*yeoh gesture me to come in*

yeoh and avina : bonjour

me: bonjour mademoiselle, bonjour monsieur
je m'apelle tan li meng
je suis en brevet de technicien hotellerie dh24 option restaurant
mon numero d'index huit, quatre, trois, zero, trois
voila ma carte
je pe m'asseoir s'il vous plait?

avina: oui

me: merci the convo will b mix eng n

yeoh : quelle passage?

me: passage un

* passed me my passage un *

yeoh and avina :commencez

* so i read dis article bout celine dion*
*avina asked ques*

and i keep askin " vous-pouvez repetez, s'il vous plait?"
and she's so so so nice...she keep smillin and hintin to me whether im answerin correctly or not

den its readin my essay time
so i pick one paper in front of me
and it was ' presentez-vous en details' (present urself in details)
i was thankin GOD for it coz i wanted that ques n i din wan directions or conversations
so i knew i wanted that n i din pick a second paper

so i started

me: je m'apelle.....
mon anniversaire....
je suis....j'habite...
je suis etudiante....
je parle......
j'aime le tennis et le football
mon equippe preferee est REAL MADRID et CHELSEA (yeoh and avina was smilling)
j'adore IKER CASILLAS et RAFAEL NADAL (yeoh laughin)
je n'aime pas......
j'ai une famille.....

* while i was into talkin bout ma famille, yeoh stopped me*

he ask in french....

yeoh: who is ur french prof?

me: madame phyllis

yeoh: describe her....

me: errr...elle a le cheveux nua et mid-longs
elle est grande...eerrmm...petite

avina and yeoh: *laughs*

yeoh: *in english* for me she's grande

avina: naa...petite

yeoh: ok thank you

me: merci

avina and yeoh: merci

i came out of class and breathe properly
luckily i did ok but kinda screw the numbers
had 1985 at the article
and i said mille neuf cent soixante vingt cinq
but it was actually mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-cinq
crap man

neway i wen home at 12 n slept like a baby from 2-7 plus

thurs, 13 march- had bm oral at 1.20 pm
read an article bout the angkasawan crap
cant believe my malay so bad edi...shit man
den had a pic bout pencemaran den i suppose to talk bout it
n i wanted to say it will menjejaskan habitat haiwan
it took me few seconds to tink how to say animal in
kinda screwed up la

sigh sigh....
next wed will b finals
so i'll b studyin, studyin and studyin
so sien edi
so stress
so many things to study
so exhausted

so on sun nite/mon mornin i was studyin for hotel management paper....

( sales and marketing notes)

and den i was so so sien and stress......i cam-whored



feelin stupid??

feelin dreamy??

feelin innocent??

feelin....i duno wat emotion is dis

feelin sad??

feelin....i dunno how to describe dis also

feelin cute??

feelin emo??

feelin sad + scared??

now im thinkin of more emotions

how bout angry??

feelin shock??

feelin lala??

and more lala??

or super lala??

ok so im out of emotion faces.....

den some duno wat bite me so i scratch till like dat

and i saw dis on my notes.....
terence did dis for

ok...den i stopped cam whorin and is bak to studies....

but was freakin tired so fell asleep halfway

so wat's to make up for the lack of sleeps?

essence of chicken dat is

dis whole week gonna be super stressful
sigh sigh
je deteste

can't wait for all dis to be OVER
den can hit the clubs wit sayangs

-j'aime iker casillas-

Thursday, March 6, 2008

so emo n sad...+tired
real lost and is out of champions league
babi betul
all played like shit except

so tired can die
slept at 1am plus
woke up at 3 am plus
watch football
den slept again from 6-7 plus
n now in coll

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On monday, i had my last ever apply tech class
class started at 1.30 pm
started off with gettin all the stuffs ready for carvin
den sang happy bday to mr.b
den started carvin

started wit the bodoh pineapple
den is cocktail florida
den flambe pineapple
den had break
den came bak n carve chicken
den duck
after that we sat n ate the chicken n duck
den flambe crepe
ya ya..i noe..damn a lot of things to do

mr.b was rely nice dat day
dunno y
he helped in the stewardin area
den help us clean up n wipe cutleries
den had final briefing, where he pretended to cry
mr.b has been my lecturer from term 3- term 6
so he's quite close to us
dats y he acted emo

i ate so so many oranges on dat day
my stomach feel so acid-ish..

(my cocktail florida)

(mr.bertrand givin his final briefing to us)

(mr.b n group 2)

(the guys and him)

(the girls and him)

(me, him and them and ya im the shortest)

watched american idol just now
most of the guys are so so good
i like all the davids
there is david archuleta, david cook and david hernandez
i love dem all
i love michael johns also
n luke sumthin..i cant member his sur name
but luke sumthin din do dat well so i don tink he will make it to top 12

david archuleta is so so natural..damn nice voice n he is so so humble
n david cook alwiz changes the style of the song
n it alwiz turn out rely rely nice
n i love the way david hernandez sings..i just love his voice
n michael johns too
i love his voice
but i don rely like his song choices

dis yrs talent freakin good
i tink....david archuleta mite win it
every1 just loves him....

these days been studyin
damn stress...
taylor's yg bodoh sial

-j'aime iker casillas-