Thursday, November 29, 2007

sick & tired of college...!!!

(mr.b with the girls in my grp and eileen @ mr.b admirer)

( my group and mr.b durin our last service class in term 5)

finals is comin soon and im so not ready for it
shit man
but still can party..gonna go maison dis fri wit sayangs
da dress code is black n bling
but i got no bling...sigh sigh
jamie ask me to stick glow in dark stickers on myself to shine..haha

had my last service on monday
i burned my hand wen doin the banana flambe
shit man
but still had to hold on to the pan coz if i lepaskan den i pity my guest la
i spilled the caramel on the pan
n mr.b just have to b thr to see it
crap man
n i ter spilled some wine on the floor n he saw it also

did law assessment edi
it was ok i guess
tomoro havin eng assessment
damn lazy wanna study summore
summore must finish up my stupid and lame french essay
the title is-my two best frens
wth man...
so kanak kanak essay
but im still at basic french stage so i guess its ok la

Saturday, November 17, 2007

damn emo + lazy + stress =DIE

damn bloody lazy to update blog
newayz a brief update
life has been sucky as usual
damn emo dis few weeks
certain ppl are such bloody @ss @*&%$

wanted to go nadal's match but bloody tix sold out
another reason to b emo
den wen to maison on thurs @ deepavali nite
da day was like crap
damn pathetic day
(will tell more wen i semangat to upload the pix)

den had so many bloody assignments and assessments
had f&b, finance and french assessment
stress till can die
yet another reason to be emo coz finance and french sux
duno y dey even exist

now gonna have law and english assessment comin up
shit shit shit
den had law and 2 english assignment to do
law's one done edi
and as usual i had my stage fright
sigh sigh

completed english wan edi
did essay and power point on tourism
i noe i noe its lame and borin
blame it on th college

did the power point and essay edi
now must modify the p.point for presentation next week
hope i wont get stage fright and forget my lines
*fingers crossed*

im gonna have individual presentation for eng also
sure die
life sucks to the max
stress stress stress

stress-ness is buildin up coz i haven find my guest
i hate to find guest
i hate taylors to the max
evelyn say will help me find
i hope she found 4 me

lots of ppl been disappointin me dis days
cant trust dem nemore
sigh sigh

life's great ain't it
neway hopefully can go maison on the 30th wit my sayangs-pauline and jamie
main reason to go is i wana c joey g

and shit..................
my term finals are comin nearer and nearer
die for sure
sure gonna b rely emo in december
killer month

and now spurs wans my precious IKER CASILLAS
dey gonna buy him for 40 million euros and a pay of 7 million euros a yr
one million more than wat he earns in real
but come on la ppl
iker is worth way more than 40 million

i noe its lots of money but
he's a madrid boy and he will always be
my precious is damn loyal
he say he gonna stay
and im sure all the money in the world wont tempt him away
and dats y i LOVE my precious

ok ok
enough of iker
i talk bout him almost everyday
but i love him :p

sigh sigh
hope to have a better tym next few weeks

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Dinnner...!!! Damn FUN....

So long didn't update blog
damn lazy la
newayz this are pics 4m the food promo
it all wen well
didn't expect it but we had an awesome time
all the pix all kinda mess up..sorry
damn lazy wanna arrange

These pics are on friday
we did all the mise-en place n all on dat day
damn a lot of things to do
i was suppose to polish the damn crockeries
thr was thousands of dem man
started the day at 4pm and ended at 11.30pm

(yi shan and me in the kitchen)

(dinesh and nick- my helper..thx a lot guys)

(outside in the resto-dey were puttin up the decor)

(mr.bartender @ kc)

(fifi and janna outside the restaurant)

(outside the restaurant)

(gettin quite a lot done)

(the ghost at the grave yard)

(our tomb stones)

(the bat)

(putting up the spider web)

(the bar)

(our center piece)

(our mocktails selection)

(center piece)

(ghost made from toilet paper)

(we were almost 70% done)

(takin a break 4m the work)

(im tryin to b a ghost and dinesh tryin to b stupid)

(still playin around)

(we were almost 80% done)

(the table was all set up)

(our spider web)

played a lot durin decor and mise-en place
lecturer wasn't around
we on the songs so loud
like clubbin
damn fun and funny

On saturday we all came at 12
we were puttin up the finishin touches
den wen for break at 3
i wen to dinesh hse to rest
bout 5.30 we head bak to coll
wen reach coll, had so many ppl to make up
i did for dinesh, johan, nick, joon kit, ganesh and mr.tay boon
my eye liner damn short now..lolx

(evelyn and me)

(jamie and me)

(my guest-thx for comin)

(tryin to act dead-but fail miserably)

(my partners on the stage)

(skeleton-part of our decor)

(chopped off head)

(the ghost in our washroom)

(damn cute rite??)

(b4 service-me doin dinesh's make up)

(the outcome-nice??)

(the group-DH24 F&B Group 1&2)

(mr.tay boon, eileen & me)

(our leng chai lecturer-mr.b)

(damn poser but funny)

(mr tay boon, me and mr.bertrand)

(main course-seafood pasta)

(main course- duck, barley wit vinaigrette)

(lucky draw time)

(the yummy dessert)

(cookies with infused milk)

(funny looking spider)

(after service)

(the team-DH24 F&B Group 1&2 and DC24 Group 1&2)

(my grp wit our fav lecturer)

(the fight between grp 1 & 2)

(my daddys and me)

(cleaning up)

(our lecturer helpin us)

the dinner was fun
the service was kinda slow tho
but my frens are the greatest
esp jamie and eve
they made my day
and the rest as well
thx so much for comin

after service grp 1 & 2 started playfully fight wit each other
it was damn funny
our lecturers also joined in
mr.b wit my grp
mr.tay boon wit grp 1
it was seriously damn funny
da kitchen was havin food fight durin our fight
played, fight and cam whore bout 30 min den started clean up.

wen bak bout 12.30
freakin tired
but it was a day to remember =)