Sunday, October 21, 2007

laundry + sanctuary nite out...!!!

weslly came and pick me around 8 plus yday
suppose to go mamak in ss2
den laundry @ the curve
den mardi gras @ 1 utama

reach mamak and it was so pack
waited a while for place to sit
den waited for the food also damn long

while waitin 4 da food
da weird digi yellow mascot came
got some digi promotion crap
gave us a ugly but cute car sticker, some cacat note pad and duno wat cd
da weird yellow person cant speak so he used some sign language and talked to us
but we din understand..damn funny moment

wen weslly and pauline food came da mamak guy din give any fork or spoon
and it took them 15 mins to brin it
finally all our food came so we ate while waitin for jamie and nick

finally dey came but waited so long for their food
so we ate and talk bout 'la las'
damn funny
after dat we were off to the curve

goin laundry 1st coz jamie's fren's bday
jamie was a super VIP coz she arrived damn late
lol..sorry rihanna

weslly kinda over shot da parkin plc in the curve
so had to make 1 big round
his drivin damn scary
pauline and i was rely close on gettin heart attack

finally reached laundry
drank smirnoff + orange juice
laundry was quite pack and the
songs lyk crap
so we just sat and drank
den dance a lil

( weslly & me @ laundry)

( VIP jamie & me)

( bday girl vi iynn and us)

( john & me)

after singin the bday song
we wanted to go mardi
but jamie's fren in mardi says mardi freakin pack
so we decided to stay in the curve

but it took us so long to decide to stay in laundry or go sanctuary
finally we decided to go sanctuary which is rite above laundry
sanctuary was super pack also

so we just enter and danced
saw one uncle dancin
so super damn funny

( in sanctuary)

( me & pauline)

( me , pauline & john)

after dat sanctuary was gettin borin
so we wen out
den started cam whorin
den saw sumthin
* to the right, to the right*
( only pauline and jamie unds)

( outside sanctuary)

( me and john)

( amber @ mrs.casillas =) )

wen mamakin after dat

john and me followed weslly's car
pauline wit nick
and jamie wit her fren
once again weslly almost kill me
by his drivin skills

den john wen and stick the ugly but cute digi car sticker on weslly's car
den we ordered drinks in the mamak
and john ordered teh ais
but wen it came he insist dat he ordered limau ais
i guess he's drunk la
he was denying it

after dat weslly send me homethanks weslly
reach home bout 3.30
removed make up den showered
as usual i washed my crappy hair twice

after shower watch real madrid game
IKER CASILLAS @ my PRECIOUS cut his hair
looks weird but still so cute

but real played like crap
so lost la
sigh..damn sakit hati
but at least dey still n0 1 on the table
after the game
wen to sleep around 6

Friday, October 19, 2007

food promotion + tons of cam whorin...!!!

wen to college today to pass out flyers 4 my group + group 1 food promotion
suppose to go main campus wit fifi
but chin ling ask me to stay bak in the court yard wit her

so damn hard to get respons 4m ppl
dey complainin 2 expensive
i don tink rm 55 per pax is 2 expensive
we r havin 6 course meal
we have door gifts
we have entertainment
we have photo sessions
we have an amazin atmosphere
got graveyard n all
i mean we seldom c malaysian ppl celebrate halloween
rite? rite?
so mite as well go to 1 n experience

since the courtyard's feedback not so good
dinesh n i wen to the car park to put it on the cars
so freakin hot summore

any1 interested in goin 4 dis dinner??
i have the details here

( this is our poster)

( the location, date, time and price)

( the address)

( the ppl to contact)

neway after every1 is back
a few of us started cam whorin esp fifi n myself

( jojo and me)

( fifi and me)

( me and wai yee)

(kc eatin and pei ling posin)

(bday girl may lee and shen ni)

( cheek pincher chin and me)

( fifi and me again)

( eileen and chin)

(fifi and me..again)

( and again)

(candid shot of kc)

(fifi and me again)

i just hope dis dinner will work out

we have so limited tym to get ready

*fingers crossed*

summary of a damn funny day...!!!

today 1st class was financed
it was ok but still borin
as usual i did my normal routine by talkin a lot wit jamie n disturb

2nd class was english
it was quite funny
we talk n talk n talk
ms.chong got so
den she caught dinesh talkin a lot
she asked him to public speak in front of the class
by usin the title 'my hobby is talkin'
but he din present coz time was up

3rd and the most borin class was french
while waitin 4 ms phylis
kc n i tried playin ping pong wit our calculator
it was so hard n funny
but den
terence, kc, adrian and dinesh played throwin ping pong balls
so damn funny
dey had 5 ping pong balls n dey keep throwin at each other
ping pong balls was flyin around the class
so so funny
den ms phylis came n the game ended
as usual it was so so extremely borin
sumtimes i duno wat the hell she craps about

den wen laundry durin the nite
saw some bands played
music was damn loud
summore so smoky
but it was quite fun
quite an experience coz of the music

2moro goin taylor's main campus
must pass out flyers for halloween dinner
hope the dinner works out
gonna cam whore wit fifi
so wait for my new updates

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


class ended at 4.30 on thursday but stayed back in college for my jamie's service
ate quite fast coz gotta go home asap to get ready to club with my babes, pauline and jamie
jamie's was so shock dat kc, weslly and i ate so fast..lolx..sorry babe..
we are crazy gila babi fast (quoted by jamie tan)

neway, we finish bout 8 plus but waited for fifi to eat

he took damn long..

left college bout 8.45 and kc dropped me home
quickly wen shower and den make up and dressed up
den off to college

waited in the court yard for jamie's class 2 end
after that we wen to pauline's hse
thanks eve, for droppin us

Reach pauline's house and waited for aboyeur pro/jamie/rihanna to get ready
while waitin, pauline and i cam whored and we took candid shots of jamie

(bz posin)

(jamie gettin ready)

Jamie was finally ready bout 11.30-11.45
den we were off to maison wit john & carl
reached maison bout 12 plus
wen to the ladies express lane
got in pretty fast and wen up stairs to meet up with the rest

(my girls)

drank a few shots of tequila & orange juice ( the crappiest liquor ever)
drank some whisky & coke, and long island tea (takes great)

not long after that my face starts to heat up

jamie's face was so hot..hehe

pauline was gettin tipsy
soon after that we were all tipsy and we headed to the dance floor

dance floor was bloody cramped up we were dancin so close to one another but we didn't care..
we just danced
the songs sucks tho..
they keep repeatin it
but we still danced, danced and danced
and wat happen???

(pauline and i startin to get sweaty)

but we continued dancin and


(pauline and i got rely wet and jamie was still ok )

we finally stopped dancin at 3
and the club was closin edi
so we wen out and sit

plus to rest our sore feet and to cam whore

(gettin dry edi)

(mamakin after dat)

john send me home after that
thanks a lot 4 dat
reached home bout 5
stinks like hell so wen n shower
washed my crappy smelly hair twice

end up sleepin at 6...